TK (M/Pk) Cable gland accessories: Sealing inserts, Cable grommets

Sealing inserts to optimize cable gland installations

  • Evoprene TPE sealing inserts to be used with cable glands.
  • Insert with multiple perforation is used to insert cables with dia 6-16 into the gland.
  • Suitable for following M25 and Pk16 cable glands without strain relief: 81125, 81126 and 86116.
  • Temperature range in use -30 °C...+100 °C.
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Резина SBR/NBR

  • With cable glands

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Тип/вид Код Длина Диаметр отверстия Толщина прикрепляемой детали Цена
Уплотнительное кольцо TK PG16/7,5X10X12,5X15 9640084996 32,16