HT EMC-K Cable gland EMC and accessories

Quality brass EMC cable glands for fastening and protection of cables with shielding

  • EMC-K brass cable glands with contact spring are used to relieve cable strain and tightness in junction boxes and to ensure secure hold of the cables. Glands also protect cables from wear and tear that may occur.
  • In order to ensure trouble-free operation of electrical appliances, systems and plants, in some cases, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements must be met.
  • EMC types are for cables with shielding.
  • For e.g. MCMK -type cables without cutting the braided screen.
  • Connecting threads are metric.
  • Temperature range in use -20 °C to +100 °C, protection grade IP 68.
  • Assembly: 1. Partially expose the braided screen by removing the outer sheath of the cable at a lenght of approx. 10 mm. 2. Insert the cable through the dome nut and the gland body until the contact spring is pressed against the braided screen. 3. Firmly screw on dome nut - finished! Due to this principle it is possible to conduct the braided screen of the EMC cable through the entire gland body up to the clamping area of the inner wires.
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Никелерованная латунь

  • Cable junction boxes
  • Cables with shielding
  • Housings
  • Industrial applications
  • Industrial distribution systems
  • Machinery
  • Switching systems

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Кабельный ввод EMC-K M16 латунь 9640084716 5 мм Цена по запросу
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Кабельный ввод EMC-K M25 латунь 9640084725 7 мм Цена по запросу
Кабельный ввод EMC-K M32 латунь 9640084732 8 мм Цена по запросу
Кабельный ввод EMC-K M40 латунь 9640084740 8 мм Цена по запросу
Кабельный ввод EMC-K M50 латунь 9640084750 9 мм Цена по запросу
Кабельный ввод EMC-K M63 латунь 9640084763 10 мм Цена по запросу